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Stamnos with depiction of the Athenian tyrannicide

Place of OriginAthens; found in Vulci (Etruria)?; formerly Feoli Collection, Tuscany, Italy
Date475/470 BC
DescriptionThe birth of Greek democracy is strongly associated with a story of assassination. In the 6th century BCE, Harmodius and Aristogeiton went out to murder Hippias and Hipparchus, the current tyrants of Athens and sons of Peisistratus. Although they were only able to kill Hipparchus before Harmodius was struck down and Aristogeiton was arrested, they became known as martyrs and liberators of the Athenian people.
TagsAncient Athens, Democracy, Resistance
Dimensions342 x NA x NA
Material/Mediumpottery (terracotta)
CategoryWar & Peace
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Photographic CreditsP. Neckermann
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