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Skull of a 34 to 35 year old man

CreatorBlumenbach, Johann Friedrich (collector); Dr. Murray (collector)
Place of OriginDrakenberg; Göttingen; Germany
Date17th century; 1871 (collection)
DescriptionThis skull of a man in his mid-30s shows the scar of a non-lethal injury on the left side of the forehead. It dates to Thirty Years War and is considered the remains of a Swedish soldier from a burial on the Drakenberg near Göttingen. It was handed over to the famous Blumenbach Skull Collection by Dr. Murray in 1871 .
TagsBiological anthropology; human skull; neurocranium; Thirty Year's War; Johann Friedrich Blumenbach
Dimensions165 x 140 x 195
CategoryWar & Peace
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Image LicenseCC-BY
Image Rights HolderGeorg-August-Universität Göttingen
Photographic CreditsMichael Schultz
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