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Biblia cum summarioru[m] apparatu pleno quadrupliciq[ue] repertorio insignita ...

Place of OriginPrinted in Lyon by Jacob Sacon's officina
DescriptionThe Bible is rendered unique by its numerous coloured pen-and-ink marginal drawings from the first half of the 16th century. These charming pictures reflect the contemporary daily life, clothing and buildings (castles and churches). The provenance notes on the title page reveal that it once belonged to the Franciscan convents in Pforzheim and Fremersberg (today, the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany). The Bible was donated to the University of Tartu Library in 1821 by Johann Leonhard von Parrot, brother of Georg Friedrich von Parrot, the first rector of the University of Tartu upon its reopening in 1802.
TagsBible| book| paper| leather
Dimensions190 mm
Material/Mediumpaper; leather
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