Commissioning is a practice that involves the engaging of an artist in the production of a new work of art. Historically this included paying artists to create statues, religious iconography or portraits of family members, but in the present day it covers an ever-expanding range of materials, processes and possibilities.

The University Art Collection manages both permanent and temporary commissions for University buildings and as part of research, and the University Commissioning Guidelines can be viewed here, with physical copies available on request.


Identity Deception 2020-2022

Glasgow-based artist Jamie Crewe is working alongside the Art Collection and Dr Chloë Kennedy in the School of Law on a two-year research project exploring the concepts of criminalisation of identity deceptions, and specifically instances of intimate deception.

The resulting moving image work produced by Crewe will join the collection for use in display, research and teaching.
More detail on the project can be viewed here


Here to Deliver 2019-2021

Here to Deliver was a live cycle of performances by artist Shona Macnaughton, produced over October and November of 2020. Footage and audio from the performances will become a new moving image work, set to join the Contemporary Art Research strand of the Art Collection in 2021.

Responding to research undertaken on artists’ engagement with the ‘gig’ and ‘platform’ economies, the artwork explores the conditions of artistic labour, when actioned through gig economy structures.
More detail on the project can be viewed here


The Global Staffroom 2020 -2021

Manual Labours (ML) is a research project exploring physical and emotional relationships to work, initiated by Jenny Richards and Sophie Hope. During the first lockdown period they hosted the live podcast series The Global Staffroom. Each of the 14 episodes consists of conversations and interviews with people about what it feels like to care, be cared for, and not be able to care at work.

The Art Collection was able to support the production of The Global Staffroom by providing funds to pay speakers, and to bring together the research and thinking undertaken into a manual which will be used in teaching in 2021.
More detail on the project can be viewed here


The Basic Material is Not the Word but the Letter 2018

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Main Library at George Square, artist Nathan Coley was commissioned to make a new work for the building.

Best known for his illuminated text works, Coley sourced the phrase which both composes and names the work from the University’s archive.
More detail on the project can be viewed here and the record in the collection is here.